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Thinking about turning this into some spoken word… Facts About Me

Sometimes I drive too fast.

I have a knack for going too hard, or possibly an issue.

I’m almost always lying if I say “I miss you”.

I don’t need anybody but I’m too outgoing to be an introvert.

I’d risk my life without a second thought but I’d never do anything to put someone in danger or cause someone hurt.

I like pretty much everyone. If I don’t like you then there’s something wrong with you.

It’s nearly impossible for me to hold a grudge against someone. You have to do a lot for me not to let you in my life.

Regardless of whether I like you or not I will still be polite to you.

I don’t cry. Men don’t cry.

I haven’t cried since before high school when an infant died that I had held in my arms just a few weeks prior.

I don’t think mourning and crying are the same thing.

I don’t have feelings or emotions, and if I do they’re nothing more than anger and contentment.

Emotions shouldn’t be involved in decision making. Clear thinking and logic solve problems, not clouded judgement and feelings.

When I get really tired my walls can come down and emotions flood in.

I don’t know if I have only truly loved a few people or if I’ve been in love once.

There is only one person I still think about even after all we’ve been through and she won’t speak to me.

I long for affection and to show affection but I don’t want a relationship right now.

I want to serve and get deployed.

I’m not afraid of death. My only fear is being codependent. I’d rather die than be that kind of burden.

I don’t want to die a virgin but I’m dedicated to waiting until I’m married.

I’d rather just do what everyone else does and sleep with whomever I please whenever I please.

By no means and in no way am I shy.

I’m loyal and deadly. I will defend what and whom I love even if it costs my life.

I hate lies and those who tell them. Honesty really is the best policy.

I’m not easily broken. I don’t break down and cry or feel sorry for myself. I just get over it, there’s no point in wasting time dwelling on things.

I’m not usual in that I like complete opposites. I love rap and hip hop, but I could listen to good classical music for hours.

I keep my word. I don’t break promises and if I say I’m going to do something I will do it. I’m a trustworthy person.

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I’m not like everyone else. I have standards and morals. I have drawn lines I won’t cross. There are things I won’t risk my life doing just because they’re “fun” and there are things I will lay my life down for without a second thought.

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When I die I want to be buried in a place this beautiful.

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Found this spiderweb with dew on it this morning

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Someone’s shoes can tell you a lot about where a person has been and where they’re going

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Being on top of the world is just a daily occurence for me

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Paulinskill Viaduct makes me look sickk

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